Red Sox: Final Day for Trade Deadline

Dave Dombrowski and the Boston Red Sox are less than 24 hours away from the Trade Deadline being over – will they make a move?

The Red Sox were looking to add a power bat, perhaps Todd Frazier? That didn’t happen, thank goodness as he’s been a complete disaster for the Yankees. Perhaps the Sox could have taken on his contract and gotten David Robertson? Again that didn’t happen as he went back to his former ball club. The Sox needed to get a reliever still. Pat Neshek? He’s gone to Colorado. Mike Minor? He’s still available. What about a power bat?

The only names that were still getting swirled around were Jonathan Lucroy who was traded to the Rockies and Mike Moustakas. As far as starting pitchers go, Sonny Gray and Yu Darvish are the only names that are still floating around and both have not panned well in Boston career wise. Gray is rumored to be headed to New York. Where does that leave Beantown on the map for any targets?

The Sox added Eduardo Nunez as a much needed infielder with the ability to get on base, and hit home runs as he hit two last night and can steal bases. His added capability to play multiple positions is a huge bonus. He can give any guy in the infield a night off if necessary. If Brock Holt can’t get it together, Nunez might be the new Holt. Mitch Moreland hasn’t done well lately, perhaps bringing in Moustakas might shake things up.

Is Moustakas the answer? He’s already set a career high with home runs at 30 and he’s still not done. He’s also got a .275 batting average, the second best of his career. He punished the Red Sox a couple nights ago hitting a three run homer to right field around Pesky Pole off of Rick Porcello. Watch the Home Run Video Here. It’s also important to note that Moustakas will be a free agent at the end of 2017.

Naturally, it would make sense for the Royals to get or at least attempt to get a nice package in return for their best slugger. The Sox however know, that Rafael Devers will be their 3rd base man going forward in the future so is getting Moustakas a smart move? Probably not unless Moose can play another position. The Moose isn’t fast so could he perhaps learn 1st base? Things to consider. Moreland is gone next season.

Hanley Ramirez could become the permanent DH for Boston. That could theoretically open the door that way. Thinking on the more realistic point however, the Royals have come out of the nightmare first half on absolute fire. They are just two games out of first place and have won 10 of their last 11 games. With the Royals coming to life, Moustakas more than likely is going to be staying put.

Without Moustakas, the Royals would go right back to the basement or at least not have nearly as high of a chance at making the playoffs. At first what seemed like a sure bet seller at the deadline has turned into a “we’re-holding-all-players-because-we’re-contending-again” mode. Minor in that instance would also not be available. That leaves the Sox with limited options.

The Red Sox originally had a deal set for Sergio Ramos but very late into negotiations, talks broke down and Ramos ended up going south to the Rays in Florida. One player the Red Sox could still go after is Brad Hand of the Padres. Everyone remembers their lack of professionalism in the GM department. With two years of arbitration eligibility left, the Padres would require a huge return. It’s simply not worth it with Joe Kelly almost back.

Sometimes the best moves a team could make are the ones they don’t make. We don’t want another Pablo Sandoval situation on our hands. It still gets fans mad just thinking about it let alone rehashing the entire situation all over again. This may be one of the first deadlines where the Red Sox just don’t make any wild moves and stick with their core squad and see if minor shake ups are all that’s needed to energize the team.


Photo Credit – Billie Weiss – Getty Images


One thought on “Red Sox: Final Day for Trade Deadline

  1. Dombrowski made two deals only and 1 promotion.
    Rafael Devers quite the acquisition with an over .400 batting average and a speed merchant on the bases

    Addison Reed- should be a great addition to the bull pen. His first appearance was marked by a lead off homer

    Rafael Devers- this 20 year old just hit his 3rd HR and he is batting over .400 too.


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