Red Sox: Drew Pomeranz picks up 12th win on the season – a new career high

The Boston Red Sox never expected Drew Pomeranz to be their second best pitcher on the staff this season – picks up his 12th win on the season a career best

The Red Sox were supposed to have one of the best pitching staffs this season because of the addition of Chris Sale to the already stellar David Price and reigning Cy Young winner Rick Porcello. Eduardo Rodriguez and Steven Wright figured to be above average as well. Everyone remembers just how unlucky the team was losing Price earlier this season. Porcello has one of the worst records in baseball, Wright was done for the year and E-Rod has spent some time on the disabled list. That leaves Drew Pomeranz.

Did anyone see this coming? Maybe he did but I’ll be the first to admit that seeing him get 12 wins this season at this point of the year has been a true shock but a great shock at that. Price and the drama surrounding him have not been a pleasant distraction and the team has coincidentally been doing even better when he’s not around. Will he stick around past 2018? Fans are hoping not, Price might also feel like it’s best to part ways.

Price was expected to be the face of the team but hasn’t ever materialized into the man that was expected. Considering the contract he just hasn’t gotten it done. Compared to Pomeranz’s deal for 2017 which pays him $4.45 million, we’re getting a steal. Maybe it makes up for the fact that last season was a nightmare. Still, could we see Pom being the 2nd best man in Beantown at this point in the season?

Pomeranz still has plenty left to show for in 2017. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see what he could do come playoff time. Price also needs to bring it. Sale and Pomeranz shouldn’t be the only ones shouldering the load come October. Pomeranz at this rate is projected to get 17 wins on the season which would make his contract for next season and beyond a bit of an interesting situation.

Pomeranz will likely want a multi-year deal and after pitching the way he has, the only thing fans are hoping for is that this doesn’t turn out to be Josh-Beckett-sydrome with one good year and one off year. Much like what Porcello is going through right now although it does look like he’s snapped out of it for now. Pomeranz will have his chance to once again deal damage to the Yankees next on August 18th, coincidentally his next start.


Photo Credit – Frank Franklin II – AP Photo



One thought on “Red Sox: Drew Pomeranz picks up 12th win on the season – a new career high

  1. Drew Pomeranz is our number 2 guy! With Chris Sale as our ace and Rick Porcello beginning to
    surface as our #3 (disregard W-L), Rodriquez as #4, not sure about Fister.

    The Sox are in a good position, 4 games ahead of the Yankees with a 3 game series at Fenway
    this weekend. The starting rotation has excelled and the offense with Devers & Nunez is leading the way.


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